Seven Tips For Avoiding Electrical Hazards In The Home

Do you feel a sense of safety and security using electricity at home or work? It might be a question you’ve never thought to ask yourself. Even so, it’s certainly one worth asking. Whether renovating your home or baby-proofing, you must take precautions to ensure your safety.

You might not be aware that more people are injured or killed yearly due to contact or electricity exposure. According to the National Coronial Information System, there are approximately 20 deaths in Australia every year from electrocution, with more than half of those occurring in the home. Most of these tragedies are, in fact, preventable, with electrical appliances being a common cause.

This blog will give you some helpful tips on how we can reduce electrical hazards at home.

How can we reduce electrical hazards at home?

Like most accidents, electrical incidents can be avoided simply by understanding how electricity works and recognising potential hazards when they arise. If you have a family, you must teach your children good habits regarding electricity too. Taking extra precautions with electrical wiring and outlets will lower your risk of home fires and protect your loved ones from the risk of an electric shock. In addition to avoiding the dangers of electrical hazards, you can also save money on utility bills and enhance the efficiency of your home by switching off electrical appliances when not in use. 

Let’s take a closer look at how you can take control of your family’s safety:

  • Repair or replace any damaged electrical cords — If you see the protective coating on electrical wiring has been stripped away, cover the frayed part with electrical tape or replace it as soon as possible to avoid the dangers of exposed wiring.
  • Avoid overloading your outlets — Every outlet provides a limited amount of electricity. Plugging in too many devices at once can cause your circuit to overload. More severe cases can even cause a small house fire or an explosion.
  • Keep electrical equipment out of bathrooms — Since water conducts electricity, even if you’re slightly exposed to this dangerous combination, it can cause injury or much worse. If you’re using an appliance near water, such as a hair dryer near the bathroom sink, wipe any water spillage to ensure the plugs don’t get wet.
  • Ensure your plugs and sockets are not frayed — Pay attention to the condition of plugs and sockets around the home. Any burnt or frayed wires on appliances are a potential risk and will require repairs or replacement by a professional electrician.
  • Ensure your electrical wires do not trail over kitchen appliances — Ensure the cords of your kitchen appliances, such as your kettle, don’t trail over the stovetop. In particular, avoid your toaster coming into contact with anything metal. Whether or not your stovetop is in use, it’s always good to get into the habit of ensuring cords don’t cross over the top.
  • Protect any young children from electrical appliances — If you have small children, place tamper-resistant safety caps on unused electrical outlets to prevent them from inserting anything dangerous into them. After all, kids are curious, and it’s certainly not worth the risk. Tidy loose cords and place them out of reach, so kids don’t play with them.
  • Turn off your appliances when not in use — Whether you’re leaving your home for work or a weekend away, make it a habit to check all your electrical appliances and devices that are not in use are properly turned off. 

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