How to Prepare for Our Attendance

How to Prepare for Our Attendance

So you’ve booked a service or repair, here’s some handy info for our technicians attendance!

Thanks for booking in with Climate Plus. We could be attending your place for a variety of reasons, so we’ve written this article to make life easier for our clients and technicians by answering a few FAQ’s.

How you can make life easy for our technician!

  • Provide clear access to your roof or floor access panel

If your appliance is in the roof or under the floor, our technicians will need to access it. If you can provide a clear, safe path to your appliance it will help keep your possessions and our technician safe

  • If your system is outside, provide clear access

If your system or part of your system is located outside please make sure our technicians can access the unit. If the best access is via a side gate rather than inside, just let our technician know.

  • Have payment ready to go

Our technicians are required to take payment on site via Debit or Credit card. Unfortunately we no longer take bank transfer, cash or cheque.

  • Pets

We love furry friends big and small, however they can provide a trip hazard for our technicians as they bring their equipment in and out of your property. If you can have your pets in another area of your home while our technicians are accessing your appliance.


  • What time are you coming?

We send you a 2-hour time window the day before our attendance.

  • Can I use my appliance before your attendance?

It’s no problem to have your system on and running until our technician arrives, they will turn it off when they arrive at your place.

  • How long will your attendance take?

Generally speaking, for most of our services and standard call-outs we expect our technicians to be on site for between 30 and 45 minutes. This can vary depending on the situation.

  • I have COVID, can you still attend?

Our technicians are a happy, healthy bunch and we’d like to keep them that way. If you have COVID, or flu like symptoms, let us know and we will re-schedule your booking.

Thanks for reading and for helping us make your Climate Plus experience a seamless one! If you have any further questions please reach out to us at: