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Ducted gas heating repairs in Canberra — a Climate Plus specialty

In the heart of Canberra, where the winter chill can seep into every home, ensuring your ducted gas heating system is in peak condition is not just a matter of comfort but a necessity. At Climate Plus, we specialise in repairing and maintaining ducted gas heating systems, providing Canberra residents with the assurance that their homes will remain warm and comfortable, even on the coldest days.

Extend the life of your gas heater with gas ducted heating service

By servicing your gas heater every winter, you are far less likely to need a gas heater repair or urgent replacement. A regular ducted gas heating service could mean adding years to the life of your system before you need a replacement. Buying a new heating system is a substantial investment, and the last thing you want is to get caught out in the middle of winter with a heating system that isn’t in working order! 

Prepare yourself in advance for those harsh and cold Canberra mornings and invest in ducted gas heating maintenance or gas ducted heating service repair by speaking to our team at Climate Plus today. Regular servicing of your gas heater will ensure you are never left out in the cold. Not to mention, a ducted gas heating service keeps your heater running as efficiently as possible, keeping those pesky bills at bay. 

Safety first — carbon monoxide is dangerous!

We perform a rigorous carbon monoxide test when we carry out our gas ducted heating services in Canberra. As your heater ages, it risks developing cracks in its heat exchanger, which can leak odourless, tasteless and harmful carbon monoxide into your home. 

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous and harmful gas that can deprive your heart, brain and other vital organs of oxygen — resulting in serious long-term health effects or even death. This is precisely why you need to have a ducted gas heating service completed every year. As part of our service, our team of technicians carry a carbon monoxide detector so we can keep you and your family safe.

What happens during a ducted gas heating service?

To keep your system running efficiently and safely, request a ducted gas heating service at least once a year. Our Climate Plus 11-Point annual gas heater maintenance services will ensure your heater runs without a glitch all winter, ensuring safe and clean air keeps you comfortable and warm.

Our technicians check the gas pressures and valves to ensure your heater burns efficiently and cleanly. We also clean the igniters and flame sensors to ensure your heater immediately activates when needed. Our technicians will inspect your ductwork and ensure the airflow is steady. Sometimes, rodents or possums can damage the duct, but we can quote to fix any issues our technicians might have. 

Our team will also clean or replace your air filter if it is time for a new one. Your return air filter should be replaced at least once every two years to keep the air in your home clean and safe. For more information on our ducted gas heating service, gas heater maintenance or our gas ducted heating service costs, please reach out to our expert team. We would be more than happy to help book your ducted gas heating service in Canberra today.

Canberra’s best gas central heating service

When booking a gas ducted heating service, you need an experienced and qualified technician. At Climate Plus, our technicians have over 20 years of combined experience repairing gas-ducted heaters in Canberra.

Choosing Climate Plus for your ducted gas heating service means entrusting your home to experts who understand the unique demands of Canberra’s climate. Our technicians are skilled in a wide range of repair techniques and are committed to providing thorough and efficient service. We prioritise the longevity of your system, employing only the highest quality parts and the latest in heating technology to extend the life of your ducted gas heating.

Ensuring your comfort and safety

At Climate Plus, we believe in going beyond just fixing problems. Our comprehensive approach to service includes safety checks to ensure that your heating system works well and is safe for your family. With our dedicated team on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your comfort is in capable hands.

Discover our range of services

If you need annual gas heater maintenance or urgent gas heater repair in Canberra, we will provide you with a reasonable service quote and trusted advice around repair or replacement. Whether you’re after ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling services, split system repairs, electrical services, evaporative cooling services, hot water system repair or solar panel maintenance, we can do it all. 

We make being home for your heater service or repair easy with a text message sent to you the day before, providing you with a one-hour time window when we need you to be home. There’s no waiting around all day!

Book your gas heater repair in Canberra at Climate Plus today

Our expert gas heater technicians can get your heater up and running in under an hour. We carry parts from all the big brands, so our technicians have the materials to fix the problem on the spot. Our ducted gas heating maintenance and heating system services keep you warm and comfortable for cold Canberra winter nights. Our technicians will always consult with you first to ensure you are happy to proceed with any repairs.

If your gas ducted heating repair is significant, we will provide a full quote so you know what needs to be done. If we cannot repair your heater on the spot, we will quote you for a new system. Book your service or repair online today and speak to the experts to learn how we can help you. What are you waiting for? Find your local service area to schedule an appointment.


Yes, they do. Just as your cooling system needs to be checked for repairs and maintenance, so too do ducted heaters. Without regular servicing, your ducted heater could deteriorate and release harmful chemicals or carbon monoxide gas leaks. Not regularly servicing your ducted heater could also result in costly future repairs where you may need to purchase expensive replacement parts or a new system altogether. 

Generally speaking, we encourage our customers to service their ducted heating once a year. Still, if you’re after optimal ducted heating maintenance and unmatched longevity, we recommend you contact our expert team for more information, tips and advice. 

Our expert team at Climate Plus recommends gas furnace servicing at least once a year to ensure it keeps your space perfectly heated during winter. By neglecting this service, you face the risk of your furnace functioning less efficiently, which in turn becomes costly as it adds to your energy bill. To avoid this, simply book your service online today and get your gas ducted heating service and maintenance completed by the experts.

Ducted gas heating offers efficient and uniform heating throughout a home, providing consistent warmth in every room through a network of ducts. It’s also energy-efficient compared to some electric heaters, potentially lowering energy bills. It can be less intrusive and more aesthetically pleasing, as the heating units are hidden from view, with only the vents visible.

Ducted gas heating can be an excellent option for many homes, but its suitability depends on several factors, including the house’s layout, insulation quality and local climate. Homes with space to accommodate ductwork, such as those with a basement or attic, are particularly well-suited.

However, the investment in ducted gas heating might be less cost-effective for very small homes, apartments or homes in regions with mild winters. Additionally, homes without access to natural gas lines would need to consider alternative heating solutions or the feasibility of installing a gas line, which could significantly affect the overall cost and practicality.

You should organise a ducted gas heating service at least once a year to ensure it operates efficiently and safely. Regular servicing by a qualified technician can help identify and fix any potential issues before they become major problems, extending the system’s lifespan. Annual maintenance checks can ensure that the system is running at optimal efficiency, which can help reduce your energy bills and minimise the risk of carbon monoxide leaks, ensuring a safe environment in your home.

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