Gas Ducted Heater Servicing

Extend the life of your gas heater with regular maintenance

By servicing your gas heater every winteryou are less likely to need a gas heater repair or urgent replacement. Regular maintenance of your gas heater could mean adding years to the life of your system before you need a replacement. It’s a pretty decent investment to buy a whole new heating system and the last thing you want is to get caught out in the middle of winter – regular gas heater servicing will make sure you don’t get left out in the cold. Not to mention, a ducted heating service keeps your heater running as efficiently as possible, keeping those pesky bills as low as possible.

Safety first – Carbon Monoxide can be dangerous

When we complete a gas heater service in Canberra, the most important thing we do is complete a carbon monoxide test. As a heater ages, it is at risk of developing cracks in its heat exchanger which can in turn, leak odourless, tasteless, harmful carbon monoxide into your home.

Carbon Monoxide is dangerous and a good reason to have a gas heater service completed every year.Our technicians all carry a carbon monoxide detector and as a part of every Climate Plus gas ducted heater service, we will complete a carbon monoxide test to keep you and your family safe.

What happens during a gas heater service?

To keep your system running efficiently and safely, you should get a gas heating service annually by a qualified, licensed gas service technician. Our Climate Plus 11-Point annual gas heater maintenance will ensure your heater runs without a glitch all winter long, making sure cosy, safe and clean air is keeping you comfortable.

During a gas heater annual maintenance, our technicians check the gas pressures and the gas valve to make sure your heater is burning efficiently and cleanly. We also clean the ignitors and flame sensors so ensure your heater starts first time and of course, we complete a carbon monoxide test to ensure your safety.

It’s not all about the heater, our technicians will inspect your duct work and make sure your air flow is acceptable. Sometimes rodents or possums can damage duct, but don’t worry we can quote to fix any duct issues that our technicians might find. Our technicians will also clean your return air filter or replace if it istime for a new one.Your return air filter should be replaced at least every 2 years to keep the air in your home clean and safe.

Canberra’s best gas central heating service

When booking a gas ducted heater service, you need an experienced and qualified technician. At Climate Plus our technicians have over 20 years combined experience repairing gas ducted heaters in Canberra.

Whether you need a gas heater annual maintenance or an urgent gas heater repair in Canberra, when you call Climate Plus or book your gas heater service online, we will provide you with both a reasonable service cost and trusted advice around repair or replacement.

The best partis, our services are easy to book online, where you can even select a day and time! We make being home for your heater service or repair easy with a text message sent to you the day before providing you with a one-hour time window where we need you to be home. No waiting around all day!

Gas Heater Repair in Canberra

Our expert gas heater technicians can generally get a heater up and running in under an hour. We carry parts for all the big brands in our vans, so 99% of the time our technicians have the part to fix the problem on the spot. Our technicians will always consult with you first to make sure you are happy to proceed with any repairs.

If your gas ducted heater repair is significant, we will provide you with a full quote so you know exactly what needs to be done. In this situation, we can also provide you with an option to replace (through our installation partner, Climate Master) so you know what all your options are. If your heater can’t be repaired, then we will be able to provide you with a quote for a new gas heating system. Book your service or repair online today!