Solar System Repairs

Solar Panel Repairs

The Climate Plus team offers solar panel cleaning and repairs in Canberra. We’ve found most companies are happy to install solar systems at a great price, but don’t offer the back up solar panel maintenance service that’s required to keep your system running and producing at optimum levels.

Our team of electricians can repair almost any issue in virtually all types of solar panels in Canberra, if you think your solar system might be underperforming or it has an obvious fault, give us a call and book in a technician today.

Not sure if you need solar panel services? Here are some signs you might have an issue:

  1. Low power output or low export to the grid
  2. Increase in your electricity bill
  3. Panel in excess of 15 years old
  4. Cracks or visible damage on your panels or roof
  5. Error messages showing on your inverter

Inverter repairs

At Climate Plus, we pride ourselves on being the premiere experts in solar panels in Canberra, providing top-notch solar panel cleaning and solar panel maintenance services to residents in and around the area. We offer the best inverter repairs in Canberra, whether your inverter is showing a regular fault or doesn’t seem to be working as it should, our team can help. Our solar repair technicians are able to locate the issue and provide you with an understanding of the problem.

If you’re uncertain about your systems performance, book in a solar performance and safety check today.

Solar inverter replacement Canberra

If your inverter is beyond economical repair, we can quote to replace your inverter and get your system back up and running. We understand that being without your solar system costs you money, we can quickly and efficiently supply and install a new inverter to have you up and running again in no time.

Solar Panel Annual Maintenance and inspections

Annual Solar performance and safety check

Like an air conditioning system, solar power systems should be maintained annually. Our solar panel service includes a performance and safety check that will ensure your system is operating safely and providing your home with as much solar generation as possible.

At Climate Plus, we recommend an annual solar performance and safety check be completed in tandem with solar panel cleaning (see below). This will ensure your system is both safe and producing as much solar electricity as possible.

When we complete your annual performance and safety check we complete the following checks:

  1. Check your switchboard condition, inspecting the safety switches, circuit breakers and all labelling
  2. Inspect your solar inverter to assess its general condition and check for any faults
  3. Assess all caballing, conduit and isolators – check for signs of age, weather related wear and tear and that installation meets safety standards
  4. Assess condition of solar panels for dirt and debris build up and inspect for cracks or damage

Booking an annual solar performance and safety check will provide you with peace of mind that your solar PV system is producing as much electricity as possible at all times. You can book your solar inspection and panel clean online through our easy online booking tool or give us a call on 6185 5151.

Solar Panel cleaning

When you book your annual performance and safety check, we strongly recommend booking a solar panel cleaning as well. This would cover everything you need to ensure your system runs as efficiently as possible and generates electricity at peak capacity. Climate Plus offers the best solar panel cleaning in Canberra, with our technicians ensuring your solar system is operating at optimum levels all year round.

Keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to clean your solar panels yourself. It is a job for the professionals, getting up on your roof can be dangerous and we have the equipment to clean solar panels to the highest standard, safely and efficiently.

Why should I clean my solar panels?

  • Clean solar panels ensures maximum output of energy from your system
  • Increased efficiency
  • Extends the life of your panels, particularly with Canberra’s harsh weather, dust storms and bushfires

Clean panels and regular maintenance of your solar system is critical. Your panels should be cleaned at least once a year, so we recommend to get in the habit of booking Climate Plus to give your system a once-over every year! Your bills and your system will thank you for it. Book online now or give us a call on 6185 5151.


When we visit your property to do maintenance work on your solar system, we check the following components:

  • The inverter — Our goal is to ensure you get an efficient DC to AC power conversion.
  • The battery (if your unit has one) — We do this to make sure you’re able to store power efficiently.
  • The solar panels — We make sure to remove any dirt and debris that may prevent the panels from effectively absorbing sunlight.

The general guideline is to have a professional inspect your solar system at least once every two years. However, we recommend that you also perform a visual check yourself periodically, especially after severe weather events, to ensure your panels are not damaged or covered in dirt and all sorts of debris.

This depends on the kind of damage. Minor issues like loose wiring or connector problems can often be repaired. More serious issues, such as cracks or fractures in the panel, typically necessitate a replacement.

In any case, it’s crucial that you address any issues you spot quickly to prevent them from getting worse and ensure you’re getting the most out of your solar system at all times.