Ducted Reverse Cycle Service Canberra

Why should I service my Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

Regular maintenance of your Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner will help it run efficiently and extend its lifespan. Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners are a valuable investment so its critical to look after them, they require regular servicing (similar to a car) and preventative maintenance to make sure your system is working all year round.

You might have recently upgraded your gas ducted heater to a ducted reverse cycle system, Canberra’s switch from Gas heating to electric means many people now rely on a single system for heating and cooling. With this increased reliance on one system, annual service and maintenance of your air conditioning system becomes even more important.

What happens during a ducted reverse cycle annual service?

During a ducted air conditioning service, we carry out an in depth 11-point ducted air conditioning service, checking over everything from top to bottom. During your service, we check the refrigerant supplies, all electronics, thermostat controls and any zones (if applicable). We also check the temperature of the air the system is supplying to make sure everything is in order.

It’s not all about the air conditioner system. Our technicians will also clean your filters and replace them if required, generally we recommend replacement every 2 years so keep the air in your home clean and safe! Our technicians also check over your duct and fittings, making sure of no thermal loss into your roof space.

Canberra’s complete ducted reverse cycle service

At Climate Plus, we are locally owned and operated with the expertise and reputation to provide you with an air conditioning service. We pride ourselves on our reputation and our technicians have over 20 years experience servicing and repairing ducted reverse cycle air conditioners in Canberra.

Whether you need a gas heater annual maintenance or an urgent ducted reverse cycle repair in Canberra, when you call Climate Plus or book your service online, we will provide you with both a reasonable service cost and trusted advice around repair or replacement.

The best part is, our services are easy to book online, where you can even select a day and time! We make being home for your air conditioning service or repair easy with a text message sent to you the day before providing you with a one-hour time window where we need you to be home. No waiting around all day!

Ducted Reverse Cycle Repair in Canberra

If your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner has stopped working get in touch with us straight away. Depending on the type of reverse cycle air conditioner repair required our technicians will have the part on hand to fix your issue straight away. Sometimes, because of the wide array of ducted reverse cycle brands we have to order parts in to repair a system.

We will always provide you with a quote to repair and ask for your approval prior to make any repairs to your system. This allows you to consider your options and the age of your system versus the cost of repairs prior to making a decision. If a replacement appears a more viable option we can also provide you with an option to replace (through our installation partner, Climate Master). Don’t forget, we have easy online booking so jump online and book your ducted reverse cycle repair urgently or, give us a call.