Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Service Canberra

In Canberra’s ever-changing climate, a reliable and efficient heating and cooling solution is essential. At Climate Plus, we take pride in servicing ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in Canberra, a technology that stands out for its versatility and energy efficiency.

In an era where energy conservation is vital, ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning shines as a beacon of efficiency. Our clients enjoy significant savings on energy bills by using one system for heating and cooling, minimising energy wastage and providing a greener solution for your home.

What is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning provides heating and cooling through one unit, using advanced technology to reverse the refrigeration cycle according to your needs. This dual functionality saves space, reduces installation costs and makes these systems highly energy-efficient.

Why regular ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service is essential

Regular maintenance of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is crucial. It ensures that the system operates at peak efficiency, saving you money on energy bills. Servicing helps identify potential issues before they become major problems, extending your system’s lifespan. Regular maintenance also ensures that the air quality in your home remains high, as filters and ducts are cleaned and checked for any blockages.

What happens when we service your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in Canberra?

Regularly servicing your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner will ensure it runs efficiently and lasts longer. Your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is a valuable asset, much like a car — annual servicing and preventative maintenance will ensure your system works when needed most. The last thing you need is a broken air conditioner on a 40-degree summer day or a cold July night.

With Canberra’s cold winters and brutal summers, it is more important than ever to get a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service every year! During a service, our technicians will check and clean filters and inspect your ductwork to ensure your valuable heating or cooling energy isn’t disappearing into your roof space! We also assess the system’s overall performance, making adjustments as necessary to ensure optimal operation.

Keep cool with a premium ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service

Ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning is a fantastic solution for cooling or heating your home. But because it is a whole home solution consisting of an outdoor unit and a ceiling or under-the-floor-mounted indoor unit, you can’t escape to a different room when ducted air conditioning is not working. Finding out that you need a ducted reverse cycle service in the middle of summer is never fun, but Climate Plus’ ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service will fix it in no time.

Methodical and complete ducted reverse cycle service

Climate Plus has over 20 years of experience servicing and maintaining Canberra’s air conditioning systems, so you can turn to us confidently when you need ducted reverse cycle air conditioning repair. If you suspect your ducted air conditioning is broken, we will conduct a rigorous 11-point ducted air conditioning service from top to bottom. We check every part of your system, including all the fittings, ducts, refrigerant supplies and electronics. We manually measure the supply and return air temperatures to ensure correct readings. Climate Plus will fix problems with our advanced ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Canberra service.

Signs you need a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service

While many issues are common for all types of air conditioners, ducted air conditioners, in particular, are susceptible to unique issues you won’t find in other units due to their size and complexity. Common issues with ducted air conditioners include:

  • Damaged ductwork — As its name implies, ducts are essential to a ducted air conditioner’s performance. Since ducts are often made from rubber or bendable plastic, they are susceptible to general wear and tear, like tears, punctures, or loose joints. Damaged ductwork causes condensation outside the ductwork, leading to corrosion and a decline in your unit’s lifespan. While patching damages offers a short-term solution, replacing ductwork is the best long-term solution.
  • Blocked or dirty ducts — Ducts provide the ideal pathways for rats or mice to breed, causing extensive damage to ducts and the release of excess air to fill wall space and the roof instead of the house, increasing your energy bill. Any waste left behind from pests will compromise the quality of air expelled from your unit. Gaps in air ducts will also cause the absorption of dust, dirt, and other pollutants, affecting the air quality of your home, especially if you or a loved one has respiratory health issues.
  • An inadequate supply of ducts — Any deficiencies in the return system of your ducts will make it harder for your unit to heat or cool air in the house. Any rooms lacking sufficient airflow will benefit from a ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning service.
  • Insulation issues — Having damaged, decayed, or ineffective insulation will cause your unit to operate less effectively and may result in your home being inefficiently heated or cooled.
  • Jammed zoning motors — Ducted air conditioning systems have motors that control airflow into different rooms. If these fail, energy will be wasted, directing air into rooms that don’t require it. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service will ensure these motors are in working order to distribute airflow.
  • Dirty system coils — Condenser and evaporator coils collect dirt and dust over time. The build-up of dirt will reduce airflow and affect heat absorption, possibly causing overheating and the breakdown of the unit if this issue is prolonged without a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service.
  • Condensation drain issues — Regular ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service prevents your ducts from reducing humidity and overflowing. This can lead to unpleasant odours, blocked filters and water leaks, severely damaging your walls and furniture and running the risk of mould growth.
  • Clogged or dirty filters — Since filters on ducted systems are deep in the ductwork, it requires the expertise of a professional technician to rectify the issue. Clogged or dirty filters build up harmful allergens dispersed in the air.
  • Electrical issues — Does your unit randomly shut off for no apparent reason? If flipping the circuit breaker back to its original position doesn’t do the trick, an electrical fault could be causing your system to overheat. You’re best off relying on an experienced technician for a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service.

Why regular ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service is essential

Ducted air conditioning systems are advanced units that require regular maintenance to run optimally. Regular servicing ensures:

  • Extended lifetime — The life of your air conditioner is extended to run well over its advertised lifetime.
  • Optimal performance — Your unit performs efficiently, maintaining the desired temperature while removing moisture from the air.
  • Reduced energy costs — Your unit won’t overwork to achieve your desired heating or cooling level, keeping energy costs down.
  • Minimise health hazards — Regular services minimise the build-up of dirt and debris in the unit, which prevents it from overworking. This reduces pollution and its related health hazards.

Booking in regular services means you can detect minor issues early on and avoid costly repairs. At Climate Plus, we recommend annual ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service from our Canberra expert technicians to ensure optimal efficiency and avoid long-term issues.

Consider a thorough inspection from Climate Plus if you use your air conditioner regularly. By organising regular services, you won’t need to worry about upkeep — our expert team will ensure you’re in good hands.

How to keep your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in premium condition

There are plenty of ways you can prevent ducted reverse cycle air conditioning issues and keep your system in optimal condition, such as the following:

  • Regular filter cleaning or replacement

Clean or replace the filters of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit at least once every one to two months to ensure your system’s airflow isn’t restricted and to improve indoor air quality.

  • Outdoor unit care

It’s also important to keep the back of your ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning unit free from dust, debris and fallen leaves. Doing so will prevent your system from overheating or unexpectedly failing.

  • Thermostat management

It’s best to set your thermostat to the recommended temperature. Setting it too high will likely overwork your ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning system, leading to costly utility bills.

  • Schedule system maintenance

The best thing you can do to keep your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system in optimal condition is through routine maintenance checks. This way, a professional can inspect your unit and spot minor issues before they escalate to a bigger problem.

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We are completely locally owned and operated with an excellent reputation, and the chances are you know someone who has used our services. Don’t just take our word for it — check out our Google My Business page for proof. Our excellent ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Canberra service makes Climate Plus the most highly reviewed company in Canberra. We are the best choice for Canberra heating and cooling system repairs, including evaporative cooling, gas ducted heating and split system repairs. So what are you waiting for? Call us when you have a problem and book an appointment at your local service area.


Ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling provides heating and cooling through ducts installed in a building. It operates on a heat pump principle, using refrigerant to transfer heat. In summer, it extracts indoor heat and expels it outside, functioning as an air conditioner. In winter, the process reverses, extracting heat from the outside air and transferring it indoors for heating. This energy-efficient system can be zoned to control temperature independently in different areas.

Yes, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning suits both residential and commercial properties. They offer an efficient and versatile solution for heating and cooling large spaces, including homes, offices and retail stores. The ability to zone different areas allows for customised temperature control in various parts of the building, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. Their scalability and adaptability to different building sizes and layouts make them popular for various property types.

A routine service for a ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling system typically includes several key tasks. The technician will inspect and clean the filters, which are crucial for maintaining air quality and system efficiency. They’ll check the refrigerant levels to ensure optimal operation and inspect the ductwork for leaks or blockages. Electrical connections and components will be tested for safety and functionality. The outdoor unit will be cleaned and inspected for any damage or wear. They will test the thermostat and the system’s overall performance to ensure it’s operating efficiently and effectively. Regular servicing like this helps prolong the system’s life and maintains efficiency.

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