Hot Water System Maintenance: A Simple Guide

Hot Water System Maintenance: A Simple Guide

There’s nothing worse than having your hot water system let you down just when you’ve arrived home and looked forward to a nice, hot shower. The worst part? Hot water systems tend to stop working in the middle of winter when you need hot water the most! That’s why you should get ahead of the issue and ensure your hot water system in Canberra is regularly serviced to ensure its long lifespan. 

This blog will discuss steps you can take to maintain your hot water system, how often you should service your hot water unit and the types of hot water systems in Canberra that Climate Plus services. But first, let’s take a closer look at why hot water system maintenance is so important. 

Why is hot water system maintenance important?

Maintaining your hot water system is essential for the health and safety of your home or business. Hot water systems provide reliable, cost-effective heating and cooling solutions if properly maintained. Since they can deteriorate over time, they require regular maintenance to continue operating safely and effectively. Hot water systems should be inspected every six to twelve months for any wear or damage. 

Steps you can take to maintain your hot water system in Canberra

In addition to these inspections, there are some active steps you can take to ensure the upkeep of your hot water unit:

  • Check your temperature relief valve

Checking your temperature relief control valve once every six to twelve months is essential for hot water units. The valve ensures your hot water is running optimally and prevents your unit from exploding and risking the safety of you and your loved ones. 

To complete this check, lift the tempering valve for 10 seconds (it has a lever near the top of your hot water unit). Water should then flow from the relief pipe at the bottom of the tank. After releasing the lever, the water should stop. If it doesn’t stop, your relief valve might need replacing. 

  • Check for unusual puddles 

This one’s easy! Simply walk around your hot water unit and inspect it for any unusual water puddles beneath your unit, tank leaks or simple water leaks caused by a loose fitting. Leaks, particularly in old water units, are often caused by corrosion inside the tank. Water leaking from the bottom of the tank could signal that your tank needs replacing. 

  • Drain the water heater regularly 

All water heaters should be drained every six to twelve months to ensure their longevity of use. Flushing out the system will control any build-up of minerals to maintain the water heaters’ efficiency. That way, the system is not overworked. We strongly recommend reaching out to our team at Climate Plus to complete this process safely. 

How often to service your hot water system in Canberra

At Climate Plus, we recommend servicing your hot water system every six to twelve months to ensure you get the most out of your hot water unit. Our expert team of technicians will thoroughly check your unit and know exactly what requires replacing if they find any faults. 

The types of hot water systems in Canberra we service at Climate Plus 

At Climate Plus, we understand how stressful it can be when something goes wrong with your hot water system. Rest assured, any issues you may experience don’t necessarily mean your entire unit needs replacing. If you have an issue, you can count on our team to do our best to repair your system — no matter what kind you have. We offer hot water system replacement in Canberra if the damage is irreparable. 

The types of hot water systems we repair include:

  • Electric storage units
  • Gas storage tank units
  • Gas instant hot water systems
  • Electric continuous hot water
  • Solar hot water

Book your next service or repairs at Climate Plus today 

At Climate Plus, we service and repair hot water systems in Canberra for all our customers. We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with our suppliers, so you can rest assured we will use only the best quality products for any replacement parts you may need. Our number one priority is to ensure your system is working at its best for your and your household’s safety. We also offer Canberra evaporative cooling services and Canberra air conditioning installation and repairs. 
If you have any queries, reach out to our team, who would be happy to assist.