Evaporative Cooler Servicing

The importance of annual servicing

Your Evaporative Cooler needs to be serviced before or during every summer. It’s easy to forget that while sitting on your roof, Evaporative Coolers are exposed to Canberra’s brutal weather 365 days a year, Canberra’s freezing winter temperatures, extreme summer heat, wind, frost and dust, mean your cooler needs a thorough clean and service at least once a year.

Without an annual service, the indoor air quality in your home is compromised allowing nasty bacteria to enter your homes air via your Evaporative cooling ducts – our deep clean during your evaporative cooler service means you will breathe easy this summer.

Annual maintenance and service also decreases the chance of a mid-summer breakdown, our skilled technicians check all the parts and functions of your cooler to make sure nothing will fail when you need your cooler most.

Get ready for summer with an evaporative cooler maintenance

Climate Plus can help get your evaporative cooler ready for summer, whether you suspect your cooler is not working quite right or just want to be prepared, make sure you book in right away. Our 11-point evaporative cooler maintenance in Canberra will get your cooler working efficiently and delivering clean, fresh and cool air straight into your home.

When we service your evaporative cooler, we start by clearing debris and dirt from the system, including a thorough clean of the pads before we check the pump and fan, and finish by checking the electronics and thermostat operation. Every year, a Climate Plus evaporative air conditioning service will help you rest easy, knowing you’re prolonging the life of your system and keeping you and your family cool throughout summer.

Book in your service today

Don’t risk letting your evaporative cooler stop working. Sometimes during summer there can be a wait before a technician is available. It’s best to book in an evaporative air conditioning service for the beginning of summer, with our online booking tool it’s never been easier! Book online now!

Evaporative Cooler Repair

Evaporative Cooler repair in Canberra

Climate Plus’ service technicians have over 20 years’ experience completing Evaporative Cooler repairs in Canberra. When you’re hot and your evaporative cooler is broken, you don’t have time to spend hours looking trustworthy air conditioning company, our online reputation shows that you don’t have to look any further. When you call Climate Plus or book your evaporative air conditioner maintenance online, you know we will provide you with an affordable evaporative cooling service cost, better yet we will even SMS you a precise arrival time the day before your service. It’s easier than ever to get your annual evaporative cooler service completed.