The benefits of split system air conditioning in Canberra

The great thing about split system air conditioning in Canberra is it allows individual temperature control in each room, meaning they are super-efficient. A split system service is relatively simple (as no ducts are involved), but that doesn’t make it less important.

Why regular split system air conditioner service is crucial

Climate Plus is a leading provider of split system repair and maintenance services in Canberra. Our team of certified technicians delivers top-notch service, ensuring your split systems operate efficiently and reliably.

Regular maintenance is essential to prolonging the life and efficiency of your split system. It includes cleaning filters, checking refrigerant levels and inspecting electrical components, which are crucial in preventing breakdowns and ensuring optimal performance.

Properly maintained split systems are more energy-efficient, leading to significant cost savings on your energy bills. At Climate Plus, we focus on optimising your system’s efficiency and reducing its environmental footprint while saving you money.

We offer customised maintenance plans to suit your specific needs and the demands of the Canberra climate. Our plans include regular check-ups, cleaning and timely repairs to ensure your system remains in peak condition all year round.

Split system annual maintenance & repair

Our split system service is an 11-step process that ensures both the indoor fan coil and outdoor unit are kept in great condition throughout the life of your system. Cleaning the filters, removing debris from the outdoor unit and our technicians making small adjustments will leave you with a split system air conditioner that runs quieter and uses less energy to keep you comfortable.

Our technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to accurately identify issues with your split system. This precision ensures that repairs are effective, reducing the likelihood of recurring problems.

Now is the time to book your split system service. You will save money on your heating and cooling bills and help your air conditioning system last longer. Use our easy online booking tool to select a day and time for your split system annual service, or call us to book.

Booking your annual split system air conditioner service will keep your system running efficiently and, ultimately, ensure it lasts longer. Annual servicing and preventative maintenance will ensure your system works on those brutal 40-degree days or freezing Canberra nights.

During a split system service, our technicians may notice issues developing and be able to pre-empt a breakdown, ensuring you are comfortable all year round. It’s easier than ever to book your split system annual service. Simply head to our online booking tool and book your service now!

Selecting a skilled and experienced service provider like Climate Plus is essential for the longevity and performance of your split system. Our team has the knowledge and tools to handle all aspects of repair and maintenance.

During a split system annual service, we carry out an in-depth 11-point split system air conditioner service, checking over everything from top to bottom, inside to outside. During your service, we check the refrigerant supplies, all electronics and thermostat controls and ensure the outdoor unit is clear of debris. We also ensure the pipe covers and insulation on the system’s pipework are in good working order (it can age in the summer sun). We also check the temperature of the air the system supplies to ensure everything is in order.

Upon servicing your system, our technicians will assess whether a comprehensive chemical clean is required. Sometimes we can complete this while on-site for an additional fee, but depending on your systems’ condition, sometimes our technicians will need extra time and a quote will be forwarded to you in this situation

Book your split system service with Climate Plus — Canberra’s local and experienced split system repairs

At Climate Plus, we have a team of local licensed electricians and refrigeration technicians who know split system air conditioning in Canberra inside and out. If you think your split system air conditioner is not working correctly, call us immediately and we can have a technician attend to repair your system. We will provide you with a repair quote and request your approval before repairing your system. That way, you can consider your options and the age of your system versus the cost of repairs before making a decision. 

If a replacement appears more viable, we can also provide you with an option to replace it (through one of our installation partners). Don’t forget, we have an easy online booking system, so jump online and book your ducted reverse cycle repair, or call us to enquire about our other heating and cooling services.

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A split-system air conditioner is commonly used in residential and commercial settings. It consists of two main components — an outdoor unit, which houses the compressor and condenser, and an indoor unit, typically mounted on a wall, containing the air handler and evaporator. A set of electrical cables and refrigerant tubing connects these two units. This design allows for efficient cooling, as the heat and noise from the compressor remain outside, while the indoor unit quietly distributes cooled air. Split systems are popular due to their efficiency, ease of installation and the innovative ability to cool specific areas or ‘zones’ within a building.

Signs that you need a split system service repair include unusual noises like grinding or hissing, weak airflow or lack of cool air, foul or unusual odours and visible leaks or moisture around the unit.

If you notice a significant increase in your energy bills without a change in usage, it could indicate that the system is not operating efficiently and may require servicing. If your air conditioner is frequently cycling on and off or does not maintain a consistent temperature, these are also indicators that it might be time for a repair.

We recommend servicing your split system air conditioner at least once a year to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Regular servicing helps maintain the system’s health, prolonging its lifespan and preventing costly repairs. 

Minor repairs like fixing filters or minor electrical issues are often completed within an hour or two. More complex problems like repairing or replacing a compressor, fixing refrigerant leaks or addressing significant electrical faults may require several hours or a follow-up visit. The time frame also depends on the availability of necessary parts and the technician’s schedule.

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Why regular split system air conditioner service is crucial

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