Is your Evaporative Cooler summer ready?

Is your Evaporative Cooler summer ready?

Rain, hail, wind or shine; your Evaporative Cooler has been there through it all! Yet those conditions may have more of an effect than you think…

At Climate Plus, we specialise in giving your Evaporative Cooler the T.L.C that it deserves every single year! 

Your Evaporative Cooler is exposed to Canberra’s unpredictable climate for 365 days a year! So, it comes as no surprise that Canberra’s freezing winter temperatures, extreme summer heat, wind, frost and dust have a major impact on your fresh air Cooler.

Over time, your Cooler develops nasty bacteria, calcium build up, algae, grime and even mould; especially if it is left to fend for itself. As you can see in the image, our technicians are able to completely transform your Cooler during our Evaporative Cooler service and eliminate the risks that your family face from receiving compromised air quality. 

How do I know if the Evaporative Cooler’s Filter Pads need to be replaced?

Throughout your Cooler Service, the first thing our technician’s will inspect is the condition of your filter pads. Upon inspection, they then determine what is required, from cleaning to replacement. If your Cooler is over 10 years old and the filer pads have never been changed, there is a high chance the pads are past cleaning salvation. Annual servicing will prolong the life of the filter pads, yet for air quality purposes, we recommend replacement when your Cooler reaches the age of 8-10 years old. 

If we attend and find that you need replacement evaporative cooler filter pads, we will send you a Quote immediately after our attendance. Upon your approval, we will get our technician back out to fit the new pads for you ASAP. If you would like to enquire about getting a Quote to replace your Evaporative cooler filter pads, simply send us an email or give us a call to provide your Evaporative Cooler’s model number and we can find the right pads for you! 

What happens when you service my Evaporative Cooler?

Your Evaporative Cooler requires a minimum of an annual attendance for our technicians to complete the 11-point service & preventative maintenance. After our service, we will leave your Cooler in the best condition possible and notify you of any issues that may be arising. By having your Cooler serviced before the summer heat hits, you can rest easily knowing your system is ready to work hard to keep your family cool!

When we service your Evaporative Cooler, we will complete the following 11-point checklist:

  • Clean & Hose Filter Pads (OR Advise if they require replacement)
  • Scrub & Wash Drain Pan
  • Drain Dirty Water
  • Check the Pump Operation
  • Check the Dump Valve
  • Check Fan Operation
  • Check Water Level Sensors
  • Check Float Valve & Adjust if Necessary
  • Check Solenoid
  • Check Thermostat
  • Check All Ducting

Our highly skilled, factory trained technicians are geared and ready to turn your Evaporative Cooling from a dust and grime covered roof-top accessory, to a sparkling and spotless air-conditioner ready to keep you and your family cool through Summer!