Carbon Monoxide Dangers You May Not Know!

Carbon Monoxide Dangers You May Not Know!

Odourless, Tasteless and Invisible… So how can it be detected?

When our technicians attend to complete your annual Gas Heater service, the most important thing we do is take a Carbon Monoxide test! As a Gas Heater gets older, its risk of developing cracks in its heat exchanger increases (see the image above). A small hairline crack in the heat exchanger will cause odourless, tasteless, invisible and harmful Carbon Monoxide to leak into your home.

Carbon Monoxide is highly dangerous and the most important reason (among many others) to have a Gas Heater service completed every 12-months. Our technicians carry a Carbon Monoxide Detector and as a part of every Climate Plus Gas Ducted Heater service we complete this test, ensuring that you and your family are not at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. 

Any level of Carbon Monoxide detected by our technicians over 0ppm (parts per million) can cause serious health issues and even death. If we attend to your service and take a reading over 0ppm, we have a duty of care to inform you and shut down your Gas Heater. Unfortunately, a cracked heat exchanger is generally beyond economical repair; meaning it is unable to be fixed for less than the cost of a new unit!

Of course, we always prefer to repair your system! However as is often the case with a Carbon Monoxide leak, if your heater is irreparable, we send your details to our Installations Team at Climate Master – they’ll have a quote over to you in a no time and a new system installed to get your home warm again!

For more info on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide, check out the video below! Or to book your heater in for a service to ensure its safe operation, click the big “book now” button below.