Is the Air in Your Home Safe?

Is the Air in Your Home Safe?

Everything you need to know about your Air Conditioner filter and keeping the air in your home clean and safe!

What is a return air filter? 

Your Air Conditioners filter is often referred to as a return air filter. It’s a piece of filter fabric material located within a grille that acts as your air conditioner filter! Your return air pulls air from inside your home and sends it to your air conditioner to be heated or cooled. The air is then sent back into your home via the ducts in your house. All the air in your home circulates through that one filter – ensuring that the air that your home is safe and clean.

Not only is your gas heater air filter and air conditioner filter installed to keep the air free from harmful allergens, but it is also designed to keep the internal components of your system clean. The return air filter catches airborne nasties and prevents build-up of impurities within your system. It helps to keep your system in the best possible condition and operating to specification.

Why is my Air Conditioner filter important?

Indoor air quality can have a huge impact on an individuals health. Asthma Australia recommend air conditioning over other forms of home heating as one of the Six things to improve Air Nutrition at home. It’s one thing to have a new heating and/or cooling system in your home but if you don’t clean the filters and have your system maintained then all those benefits will quickly disappear. Worried about your return air filter? Book in your annual maintenance via the button below, it includes a filter clean!

Where can I find my return air filter?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself what is this grille in my hallway or cupboard? Well, that is likely your return air filter grille!

You can typically find your air con filter within your hallway. It could be in the wall, ceiling, or cupboard door and nearby to where the thermostat is located.

Do I need to clean my Air Conditioner filter?

Here are the top 5 nasties that coat your filter and effect both your system’s condition + your family’s health:

  1. Dust
  2. Dirt
  3. Pollen
  4. Grease
  5. Grime

Your air con filter picks up all the dust, dirt and allergens that travel through the air and prevents grease and grime from traveling into your system. Whilst it does a great job in blocking the contaminents, the filter will inevitably become blocked and coated with these nasties. 

If your filter is not cleaned regularly it can lead to preventable breakdowns, increase running costs and even minimise the lifespan of your system. 

How often do I need to clean my Air Conditioner filter?

It is very important to clean your filter at least once every month.

How often do I need to REPLACE my Air Conditioner filter?

Your Air Conditioner filter should be replaced every 12-24 months. We can replace your filter when we attend for your Air Conditioning or Gas Heater annual maintenance.

How do I clean my Air Conditioning filter?

There are 3 great ways to clean your air conditioners filter.

Have a Climate Plus technician clean your filter when we service your A/C

Our technicians will always clean your filter or replace it when completing a service of your air conditioning!


Vacuuming your filter frequently will prevent any chance of build-up and is an easy way to quickly care for your filter.


Washing your filter in warm water and drying out in the sun is a great way to perform a deep clean and prolong the life of the material. 

With COVID-19 lockdowns and everyone spending more time at home, your A/C filter is more important than ever before, as is maintaining your entire system. For more info, or to book your service click one of the buttons below.