Evaporative Cooler good to knows!

Evaporative Cooler good to knows!

An evaporative cooler is a great addition to your home! It is an efficient, affordable, and reliable way to keep your family cool over Summer. We are here to provide you with all you need to know about your “Evap”!

How does an Evaporative Cooler work?

An evaporative cooler is best described as a water fuelled fresh air system! It utilises the cooling power of water running over evaporative cooler pads and fresh air. This results in creating an ocean like breeze throughout your home. 

Being a fresh air system, an Evap Cooler operates by extracting the warm air from outside and pushing it through water covered evap filter pads. Once the air passes through the filter pads, the water particles permeate the air and cool it down. This cool air is then pulled from the evap cooler pads down through ducting and distributed through outlets, proving each room with fresh, cool air.

So how do I make sure I use my Evaporative cooler correctly?

How can I use my Evaporative Cooler efficiently?

Evaporative coolers are an incredibly energy efficient air conditioner. There are a few special conditions to consider when using your Evap:

You will need your windows or doors open whilst it is operating! 

This may sound like it defeats the purpose of using an air conditioning system in Summer, yet it is actually the opposite. By having windows and doors in your home open, it allows for the warm air in your home to be pushed out by the cool water filled particles that are entering your home from the cooler. If you do not leave any windows or doors open or allow for any fresh air to enter your home, you will find that your floor will become slippery and your windows become moist!

Can I use my Evaporative Cooler when it’s humid?

Your evap simply uses a combination of water and fresh air to cool your home. If the air outside has a large water content already it makes it harder for the Evap to use its water supply to cool the air. An evap will still operate in these conditions and provide a more suitable temperature for comfort, it just won’t feel like ice cold air. Sometimes when it’s humid, just run the cooler in fan only mode!

Do Evaporative Coolers need servicing?

It’s important that you service both ducted heating and cooling. The maintenance of evaporative cooling systems is critical to ensure longevity of the system and the condition of your evaporative cooler pads. Over time, your Cooler develops nasty bacteria, calcium build up, algae, grime and even mould. Check out the images below to see what happens to your cooler every year as it is exposed to the elements 365 days! Our skilled technicians look at the evaporative cooler noise, the evaporative cooler pads and are experienced in the maintenance of evaporative cooling systems.

Evap cooler pads are critical to ensuring you breathe clean, fresh air. You can find out more about the importance of cooler pads here!

To ensure the longevity of your system and keep breathing safe and clean air, book a service in below.

What are the differences between a Single Storey & Double Storey Evaporative Cooler Service?

At Climate Plus, safety is our number 1 priority! From ladder safety and harness requirements, to structural variations, there are multiple factors that need to be considered when we get on your roof. When we attend a double storey house, we always send 2 technicians to ensure safety while up on your roof, it’s actually mandated that we do this. The service fee for a double storey home has to include the secondary technician’s attendance as well. 

What are the most common brands of an Evaporative Cooler?

We complete evaporative cooler maintenance for all the big brands. Climate Plus can complete maintenance of Brivis evaporative cooling systems, Seeley evaporative cooling systems, Breeezair evaporative cooling systems, Braemar evaporative cooling systems and Bonaire evaporative cooling systems. We can also help with less common brands, such as Cool Breeze evaporative coolers or Coolair evaporative coolers.

Our technicians specialise in Bonaire evaporative cooler repair, Brivis evaporative cooler repair and Breezair evaporative cooler repair.  These are the top 3 brands that we deal with on a daily basis and we carry all the parts your system may require. Our technicians have completed various training courses and have years of experience with each brand. Supporting this, our office staff ensure all required parts stock are available, we are geared and ready for any circumstance. 

At Climate Plus it is our goal to ensure that we have everything ready to attend to your Brivis evaporative cooler, Bonaire evaporative cooler or Breezair evaporative cooler – whether it needs a service or repair!