Electrical Repairs — How To Read The Warning Signs

Electrical repairs are a fact of life for any homeowner. With so many complex devices in a house at any given moment, it’s a wonder things don’t go wrong on a more regular basis! 

This is why it’s critical to keep an eye out for potential electrical issues. Even the most seemingly minor issue can turn into a major problem that can leave your home permanently damaged. So, if you don’t know how to read the warning signs, make sure you read on to discover how you can keep your home safe and in working order. 

The common warning signs

Electrical problems rarely start as major issues — there are often smaller telltale signs, reading as warning electrical hazard signs in retrospect. Constantly flickering lights, buzzing switches, circuits blowing unexpectedly, dead outlets or unusually high electricity bills they can all be signs that there’s something wrong with your wiring! 

These are all things that might seem like inconveniences, but it’s also critical that you’re recognising and reading these electrical warning signs for what they are. They must  be checked out as soon as possible by a licensed professional. Small issues can be signs of much larger problems — faulty or frayed wiring might only be causing flickering lights now, but it has the potential to cause a fire down the track if it’s not properly addressed. 

Importantly, don’t try to fix it yourself. Reading the warning signs for an electrical hazard is all you need to do. Even if you’ve got some skill with minor repairs, the underlying cause isn’t always visible to the layperson, so it’s vital to have a professional assess the site and resolve the issue. 

Preventing future electrical issues 

  • Educate yourself on how to read the warning signs for electrical issues. If you know what to look out for, you’ve got a much better chance of getting ahead of the problem. 
  • Place an electricity warning sign in appropriate places around the home and office. People won’t always know things are potential hazards if they’re not told in advance! Sometimes the way to “read” electric warning signs is literally reading a warning sign. 
  • One of the best things you can do to prevent future issues is to schedule regular maintenance and inspections for major appliances like air conditioning, hot water systems and washing machines. Though all of the major brands on the market are durable and built to last, they still need a tune-up from time to time. 
  • The same applies if you live in an older home. It’s worth booking an annual inspection from a qualified electrician to ensure that your wiring is still up to code and that nothing needs to be replaced or repaired.
  • Keeping a fire blanket or foam extinguisher in areas where electrical fires can occur is also helpful. 
  • Don’t overload your home with extension cords and power boards. They put additional strain on your home’s wiring, and can be both tripping and fire hazards if they’re not used properly. 
  • Last but not least — and we hope you know this one already — electricity and water don’t mix. Ensure that you’re keeping appliances away from water sources to avoid potential issues. The wrong item plugged into the wrong place at the wrong time could short out the whole home, cause a fire or even worse.   

What to do in an electrical emergency 

Whether it’s an electrical fire, bad electrical shock, or anything else, a few key steps should be taken in any electrical emergency. The first is to unplug the problem appliance (if possible) and switch off the home’s electrical power at the mains. Electrical fires should NEVER have water squirted on them — this can lead to the person doing the spraying being fatally electrocuted. Instead, foam extinguishers and fire blankets are a far safer option. 

You should also call emergency services as necessary and inform them as clearly as possible of the situation. If there isn’t any immediate danger to people or property, you should also call an electrician to get them to assess the situation and make repairs as necessary. 

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