How To Buy The Best Heating System For Your Home

When the winter chills start to bite, many of us turn our thoughts to finding an effective heating solution for our home. Yet, with such a large array of heating systems and brands to choose from, finding the best way to heat your home can be a difficult task. Electric? Gas? Ducted? Split system? Where do you even begin?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the best home heating solution for your needs — it’s essential to keep your home warm while not being crippled with the resulting energy bills.

The best way to heat your home this winter

Below is a list of some common home heating solutions. Ultimately, the best solution for you will depend on several factors, including your overall heating requirements, your preferred style of heating, and cost.

Electric heaters  

Electric heaters are cheaper to buy than other heating systems and are often portable, making them an ideal solution for individuals or for heating small spaces. Although convenient, electric heaters can use a lot of power during the cooler months, so they shouldn’t be used for long periods or in large spaces if possible.

Gas heating  

Gas heaters can be more efficient to run than electric heaters, though the cost of installing gas heating may be more expensive. It’s important to note that gas heating releases small amounts of waste products which may be dangerous — ducted heating and flued heaters may be less likely to pose this risk as most waste is vented outside.

  • Unflued or portable heaters — These heaters provide a warm and cosy feeling to the room, but their waste products are expelled into the room, so it’s important that you keep the area ventilated.  
  • Flued heaters These heaters direct waste products out of the home via a flue or pipe, so they are generally safer, though this can also reduce the efficiency of the heater by creating some heat loss.
  • Gas ducted heating One of the best central heating methods, gas ducted heating can heat multiple rooms or even the whole house. This heating method may be cheaper to run than individual gas heaters, though installation costs will be higher.

Reverse-cycle air conditioners  

There are two types of reverse-cycle air conditioners — split system and ducted. Here is an outline of both: 

  • Split system Split systems are very good for heating individual rooms, as well as larger open-plan living areas. Although the initial purchase and installation costs are higher than portable electric heaters, split systems are more efficient than portable heaters when it comes to heating the same-sized space.
  • Ducted Another of the best central heating methods, ducted air conditioners are also able to heat multiple, or all, rooms in the house. Ducted systems are very efficient, but you may be looking at several thousands of dollars in installation costs. 

Some other common home heating solutions  

  • Underfloor heating

This method of heating consists of heating the concrete floor slab with water pipes or electrical wiring. Due to the amount of construction work needed for underfloor heating, it is best installed while a house is being constructed.

  • Hydronic

Hydronic heating operates by heating water through a boiler, and distributing this heat evenly throughout the house via repeated cycles. Hydronic heating is low maintenance and heats the whole home relatively quickly but is expensive to install. 

Plan ahead to keep home heating costs to a minimum  

To keep your heating costs at an acceptable level during the winter months, it can pay to start thinking about your home heating solutions before the chill sets in. Where possible, try to beat the winter rush by buying your heater either ahead of winter, or just after winter for the following year.

This also applies to air conditioners and flued gas heaters — if possible, have these installed off-season to save on costs. Finally, make sure you select the right size heater for your home or space. Room heating calculators are available online to help with this. 

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