Types Of Electrical Repairs Your Electrician Can Do For You

Types Of Electrical Repairs Your Electrician Can Do For You

Have you found yourself in need of electrical repairs for your home? Most houses will need some form of electrical maintenance and repair at some point. By keeping your house up-to-date with repairs, you’ll not only ensure that your home and appliances are running smoothly, but you’ll also be helping keep your loved ones safe from the dangers of electrical faults.

Yet, unlike basic home maintenance and repairs, electrical repairs are not something you should consider doing yourself! Qualified electricians, such as the professional team at Climate Plus, specialise in many types of electrical services and repairs and are fully licensed to carry out the works.

What types of electrical repairs can a licensed electrician do?

Electrical repairs can range from a minor electrical repair to a major home rewire, and everything in between. A few examples of the different types of electrical repairs can a licensed electrician do include:

  • Upgrading or replacing switchboards

Older switchboards can pose a significant risk of electrical shocks and fires and should be upgraded as a priority by a licensed electrician. On the other hand, modern switchboards come with safety switches, which, when activated, can be safely flicked to enable power to the circuit once again. An electrician can also carry out testing of your safety switches to ensure that they are working both fast and freely. 

  • Installing, upgrading and repairing power outlets

As well as installing new power outlets (or power points), a licensed electrician can upgrade and repair any faulty and potentially dangerous sockets. As with old switchboards, old power outlets can pose a severe safety risk, particularly if they are cracked or let off sparks when you plug or unplug a power cord.

  • Repairing and replacing faulty or overcrowded wiring

Faulty or overcrowded wiring can pose a serious safety threat to you and your family. A licensed electrician can undertake an inspection of your home’s wiring systems to identify issues that may cause overloaded circuits or other serious electrical faults. 

Along with carrying out necessary electrical repairs to your property, a licensed electrician can provide services such as upgrades to your lighting systems, ceiling fans, smoke alarms and appliance installations.

What is the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor?

Now that you know a bit more about the different types of electrical repairs a licensed electrician can do, let’s look at who you need to call — based on what you need done.

Many people find themselves wondering if they should contact an electrician or an electrical contractor for their electrical repairs, and whether one is more qualified than the other to complete the work. Here are the key differences between the two:       

Electricians are licensed tradespeople authorised to carry out electrical repairs and services on small and medium-sized jobs. An electrician, however, is not allowed to conduct work for themselves and charge people for that work. They must be employed by an electrical company or an electrical contractor.

Electrical Contractors differ in that, although they started as electricians, they have undergone further training to obtain an electrical contractors licence. This licence enables them to hire electricians to work for them, conduct and charge for their own work, including bigger and more specialised electrical projects.

Effective ways to get your home or business’ electricity fixed

With a qualified, licensed electrician on hand, arranging electrical repairs for your property should be a simple and stress-free experience. These days, most electrical problems can be sorted after a professional inspection of your home or business’ electrical systems.

If you notice issues such as frequent tripping of safety switches or circuit breakers, unexpected flickering or dimming of lights, or switches or outlets that are warm to the touch or give off electric shocks, it’s vital that you book a service with a licensed electrician as soon as possible. 

After thoroughly inspecting the electrical systems, your electrician will advise you on the best course of action to fix the issue. At Climate Plus, we always focus on finding the most appropriate electrical solution for your home.

Contact our professional team for all of your electrical needs

Climate Plus is here to help! Locally owned and operated, we are committed to providing residents and businesses of Canberra and the surrounding area with the highest quality electrical solutions.

As well as providing electrical maintenance and repairs, we offer a range of specialist heating and cooling services, including the servicing and repair of evaporative coolers, gas ducted heaters, and ducted reverse cycle and split system air conditioners. We also offer solar system maintenance, as well as installation and repair of hot water systems. Book a professional service with our team today. 
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