Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Get Your Ducted Heating Serviced

As the weather improves and our summer heat returns, you’re not likely to think much about the state of your gas ducted heater. After all, it’s the AC unit, not the heater, that will be keeping your family comfortable over the next few months.

However, ducted heater maintenance performed in the off-season is the best way to ensure safety and improve the quality of your air flow in the coming year. Simple repairs today could prevent needless expense tomorrow, and make sure that your entire family is cosy and snug for the future winter months.

Here’s what to expect from summertime ducted heating maintenance, including why right now is the best time to start the process.

Understanding ducted heating servicing

If you own a ducted heater in Australia, you will need to schedule annual maintenance tasks to keep your system up and running effectively.

  • Experts will clear out your air filters and ensure the easy flow of air in and out of the machine.
  • All gas pressures and valves will be carefully checked for efficiency. Any cracks, splits, or gaps are likely to cause significant issues down the line, and must be replaced if compromised.
  • Most importantly, ducted heating servicing checks for harmful carbon monoxide leaks. These have the potential to be extremely dangerous, and are difficult to detect without the help of a trained electrician.

For all these reasons, it’s crucial to call an HVAC specialist for annual maintenance during the summer months.

Why choose summer to service ducted heating

There are so many reasons why Australians use the summer to perform ducted heater maintenance services. Not only is it a more convenient and efficient time of year for this process, but it can also prevent serious issues in the future.

  1. Convenience You aren’t likely to be using your heater much (if at all) during the hottest parts of the year. This is a great time to schedule regular maintenance that won’t get in the way of wintertime creature comforts. If large repairs or replacements need to be made, neither you nor your family will be negatively impacted.
  1. Improve air quality An optimised ducted heater is a safe ducted heater. Partner with local experts like Climate+ who can replace filters and repair pipes that eliminate unwanted debris. You can also reassess current levels of carbon monoxide, which may unwittingly poison the air in your home.
  1. Ensure comfort Check for any issues related to the flow of hot air into the home. Ensure that all rooms are receiving the proper amount of air, and will be sufficiently comfortable during cold mornings or frigid winter nights.
  1. Reduce electricity bills Identify any issues with ducted heat reaching certain rooms or parts of the home. Repairing leaks now could help to reduce your heating bills in the future. Any ducts that are leaking air could be costing extra money — which can be promptly returned to your wallet with just a little maintenance.
  1. Consider upgrading If you aren’t particularly happy with how your ducted heater has been performing, or if you are interested in replacing the machine entirely, summer is a great time to explore your options.

Should you DIY your ducted heating servicing during the summer?

Many Australians attempt to perform their own ducted heating servicing, especially as the weather begins to warm up for the year. However, DIY ducted heating maintenance is not only extremely complicated, but also dangerous. Making a mistake could jeopardise the effectiveness of your heater, and lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Instead of choosing a course of action that could lead to significant damage, it would be wise to book a service from professionals in the industry. At Climate+, we are more than prepared to get the job done well. Call today for a quote.

Ducted heating maintenance from Climate+

Climate+ is proud to be one of the trusted names in Australia heating maintenance, servicing, and repair. Specialising in domestic electrical services and annual maintenance, we’re capable of resolving problems before they become a major issue. Our highly experienced electricians are capable of servicing any ducted heater brand, ensuring that your family is kept safe during the cooler months. 
From large repairs to annual maintenance, Climate+ is ready to help with an 11 point annual gas heater maintenance package. Book a service at 02 6185 5151, or submit an online contact form for more information. We look forward to providing quality service that offers the peace of mind you deserve!