Brivis Spanner Symbol

Brivis Spanner Symbol

What does the Spanner Symbol indicate on my Brivis Controller?

The Brivis spanner symbol showing indicates that your Brivis Heater is due for a tune–up! 

Many people aren’t aware that all Gas Heaters require an annual maintenance to operate as efficiently and safely as possible. Throughout Canberra’s harsh Winter season, it is to no surprise that your Heater works tirelessly to keep you and your family comfortable, so in return, book your Annual Maintenance Today and give your Heater the TLC it deserves!

We understand that your Heater Service can sometimes find its way at the bottom of the ‘to-do list’, yet that’s where this symbol comes into play! The flashing spanner that catches your eye every time you turn the Brivis Heater on is not there just for show; it is your Heater’s built-in reminder to say that it has operated for a long and hard 1,500 hours and needs to be serviced.

When you see the spanner symbol appear, get in touch with our friendly Climate Plus Team on 6185 5151 or click the ‘Book Online’ button to get one of our fantastic Technician’s out to you ASAP!